Our Experience

Bernard EnergyAdvocacy (“BEA”) is an independent energy advisory firm that specialises in providing consulting services to its clients. The firm was created to respond to an increasing demand for such services by entities active in the transmission and/or distribution of energy, particularly electricity.

Clients typically include inter alia transmission system operators, utilities, law firms, infra funds, financial institutions, industrials and original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”).

The aim of the company is to provide clients with a unique “one-stop-shop” specialised in multi-disciplinary services relating exclusively to the energy market, and more specifically electricity transmission and distribution (“T&D”).

Clients have access in a single location to highly skilled professionals each displaying several years of experience in areas ranging from legal and regulatory to finance, engineering and political science and all having in common a particular focus on energy within their respective field of expertise. The services BEA offers its clients are based on a one of a kind and in depth knowledge of both European energy policy, policy makers and the functioning of the energy markets.

BEA prides itself of making the client its focal point. In pursuing satisfaction of the client’s needs, BEA adheres to the following key values:

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Independence from any particular company;

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Discretion and confidentiality in all matters for which it is consulted;

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Providing efficient solutions tailored to each specific client and ultimately obtaining satisfactory results;

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Offering a unique “one-stop-shop” by gathering highly qualified professionals in various sectors involved in the energy market;

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Keeping the spotlight on the client by remaining an actor behind the scenes;

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Ensuring the client gets bang for its buck by offering uniquely flexible fee solutions; and

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Dedication to providing the client with a pleasing experience as the foundation to building long term relationships.