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Siemens enters cybersecurity partnership with Darktrace

Monday, May 1, 2017

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Darktrace, a British cybersecurity company, has partnered with Siemens to bring cyber defence for operational technology (OT) to electric utilities and the oil & gas industry. The partnership will use Siemens’ domain OT security and Darktrace’s industrial immune system platform, which uses machine learning and probabilistic mathematics to identify and remediate in-progress cyber threats at the initial stages. Siemens will aid in: (i) security programme design; (ii) security lifecycle management; (iii) plant security monitoring; and (iv) incident response. Darktrace CEO Nicole Egan stated that they “are pleased to be partnering with Siemens to fast-track the delivery of our globally recognised Industrial Immune System to additional customers in utilities and the oil and gas industry”.

By learning the patterns of devices and users on the network, the algorithms can act against emerging attacks that other tools may miss, all in real time. This convergence of the energy sector and cybersecurity demonstrates that IT and the “internet of things” are becoming more ingrained in everyday life, even reaching into the realm of infrastructure. It will be important as technologies advance to take precautions and prohibit cyber-attacks from achieving large-scale damage.


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