S.7.1. The European Emissions Trading System

D.7.1. The European Emissions Trading System

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72 organisations and companies advocate for early start of MSR

Monday, February 16, 2015

72 organisations and companies addressed MEPs in support of supporting the MSR for the EU ETS as early of 2017

A group of more than 70 organisations and companies has addressed a letter to the MEPs, advocating for an early start of the MSR in 2017 as well as for an immediate transfer of the “900 million backloaded allowances” into this reserve. Starting the MSR in 2021, as per the EC’s legislative proposal, is far too late according to the foregoing companies and organisations. They argue that an MSR starting in 2021 would only impact the current surplus allowances around 2025. By that time, the ETS could be “progressively replaced with more expensive national carbon reduction measures”.