S.7. Climate Change


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ACER adds new guidelines to limit CO2 emissions and meet the objective of decarbonising the energy sector

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

In December 2019, ACER published an opinion defining the principles of a general and harmonised approach at European level for the calculation of CO2 emission limits in the context of capacity mechanisms. Issued in the context of the Green Deal and the publication of its roadmap, this first opinion already largely covered the subject of Co2 emissions.

On 18 February 2020, ACER is completes the opinion published a few months ago. While the previous notice provided technical advice on the calculations this time ACER completes the work with a document providing calculation examples for different types of production units. These additions consist mainly of new examples, ranging from non-trivial applications of supplementary combustion, district heating, co-combustion and multi-shaft combined cycle turbines, to the case of a coal-fired generation unit participating in a strategic reserve scheme.

ACER’s role in the implementation of CO2 emission limits is enhanced by its collaboration and coordination work with national regulatory authorities and capacity providers. Beyond the objective of supporting the EU in achieving its climate objectives, the CO2 emission limits should in particular limit the environmental impact of capacity mechanisms, by allocating compensation to low-carbon production capacities.