S.12. Clean Energy for All Europeans


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ACER to Launch Public Consultations on CEP Implementation

Thursday, December 12, 2019

On 06 January 2020, ACER will launch three public consultations on the implementation of the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” Package (CEP). The consultation period will run between 06-19 January 2020. These tight deadlines are required due to the short periods foreseen by the new legislation for taking and publishing decisions on a number of pressing regulatory issues. The three consultations include:

(1) Geographical scope of system operation regions (SORs), which will run between 6-19 January after which ACER is expected to issue a Decision by 06 April 2020. In the context of the new Electricity Regulation, the Decision mentioned in Article 36 must specify which transmission system operators, bidding zones, bidding zone borders, capacity calculation regions and outage coordination regions are covered by each of the SORs. The Decision must also take into account grid topology, including the degree of interconnection and of interdependency of the electricity system in terms of flows and the size of the region, which shall cover at least one capacity calculation region.

(2) Methodology for identifying regional electricity crisis scenarios and (3) Methodology for short-term and seasonal adequacy assessment, which will both run between 06-12 January 2020 before ACER is expected to issue two decisions by 06 March 2020. The new EU Regulation on risk-preparedness (art. 5 and 8) defines common rules for risk preparedness plans and foresees the adoption of the two above-mentioned methodologies in 2020.

Thus, to meet the tight deadlines, ACER and relevant the stakeholders will need to act swiftly  to enable the adoption of the methodologies and the creation of the SORs, which will set the scene for the next developments foreseen by the Electricity Regulation and Directive, such as the establishment of Regional Cooperation Centres (RCCs).