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ACER publishes Opinion on electricity interconnection investments’ status

Monday, January 21, 2019

ACER finds that more than 20% of the projects in the TYNDP 2016 have been delayed mainly due to permit granting reasons.

ACER published an Opinion on the progress of the implementation of electricity investments in the EU-wide Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2016 (EU TYNDP 2016). According to ACER, “211 out of 395 national investments (53%) are on time or even ahead of schedule compared to the planning of the EU TYNDP 2016”, 21% of the national investments encountered delays, most frequently due to permit granting reasons, and 26% have been rescheduled by the promoter over the past two years. Some of the other reasons for project delays include: risks related to the national regulatory framework or regulatory opposition; delays in construction works; and delays due to lawsuits and court proceedings. Regarding the rescheduled projects, ACER finds that “the most frequently reported main reason (40%) for rescheduling is related to the initial stage of the investment, where the implementation plan was still preliminary”.

ACER also notes that “the number of cancelled investments in the EU TYNDP 2016 is significantly lower than the number of cancelled investments in the EU TYNDP 2014, which could indicate improved robustness of the EU TYNDP planning over time”.

Additionally, ACER “found that around 25% of the interconnections were subject to a different investment status across the border”, which is not necessarily due to an inconsistency in the implementation, but could be due to limited cross-border coordination among the parties.

ACER thus recommends to promoters, TSOs and National Regulatory Authorities to jointly “review the concerned interconnection investments and, in case of inconsistencies, amend the respective planning and the implementation plans”.