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Distribution associations ask for revision of Council position on EU DSO Entity

Friday, February 23, 2018

EDSO, Eurelectric and GEODE advocate for a fair and proportional decision-making process of the entity.

EDSO, Eurelectric and GEODE published a joint statement intended for the EP and the Council regarding ongoing discussions on the EU DSO Entity, one of the new bodies created by the Regulation on the new market design, as part of the ‘Clean Energy for all Package’.

The EU DSO Entity would be a membership-based body composed of DSOs from across the EU brought together at EU level to work on issues that affect distribution networks. Its main objective will be to enhance cooperation among DSOs and with transmission system operators (TSOs) on planning and operation of their respective power networks.

The three organisations supported the establishment of the Entity, but disagree with the Council on its decision-making process. The Council’s current position proposes a Board of Directors consisting of nine seats each for DSOs with more than 1 million grid users, for DSOs with more than 100.000 and less than 1 million grid users and for DSOs with less than 100.000 grid users. The organisations claim that the 9/9/9 composition is “clearly unbalanced and disproportionate”, and state that “the way in which the members of the DSO entity are organised (group composition) and come to a decision (voting rights) should not be part of this Regulation and must be only addressed by the EU DSO’s statues”.