S.11. State Aid


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EC approves €200 million French public support for renewable energy for electricity self-consumption

Monday, October 22, 2018

The EC has approved a state aid measure to support electricity production from RES for self-consumption in France until 2020. The measure will further the EU’s energy and climate objectives, without unduly distorting competition in the Single Market.

The EC found that a €200 million French government scheme designed to encourage the development of RES for self-consumption is compatible with EU state aid rules.

The measure is designed to encourage the production of RES, specifically where only a limited part of the electricity produced is sold to the grid. The scheme will initially support the deployment of 490 MW of additional generation capacity for small installations with a capacity of between 100 and 500 kW.

The beneficiaries will be selected through tenders organised until 2020 and in which all RES technologies may participate. The selected installations will receive support in the form of a premium on top of the market price to be granted for a period of ten years.