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D.1.3. EU Energy Union

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EC launches EU Energy Poverty Observatory

Monday, January 29, 2018

Source: European Commission

The EC launched the EU’s Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV), a 40-month project that aims to help the Member States in their efforts to combat energy poverty. The EPOV project is funded by the EC, and is implemented by a consortium of 13 organisations, including universities, advocacy groups, think tanks and the business sector.

Among other objectives, EPOV is geared at improving the transparency of information and policy by bringing together the dissimilar sources of data and information that exist. The EPOV aims to “provide a user-friendly and open-access resource that will disseminate information and good practice, facilitate knowledge sharing, as well as support informed decision making at local, national and EU level”.

The key element of the EPOV is an interactive website providing data on the extent and structure of energy poverty in Europe, as well as a repository of knowledge resources and events.