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EC lifts tariffs on Chinese solar imports

Monday, September 3, 2018

The policy shift will likely result in solar becoming the cheapest source of energy in many European nations


The EC announced that it will end punitive tariffs on solar panels imported from China, which have been in place since 2013. The EU initially accused China of dumping excess solar panels into the European market to suppress competition. Import duties set the price of Chinese imports 30% above market levels. European tariffs were officially lifted on 03 September, just as the US imposes similar tariffs.

The EC stated that the lifting of import duties “takes into account the EU’s new renewable energy targets”. SolarPower Europe also released a statement approving the move; “this is a watershed moment for the European solar industry,” said the group’s President, Christian Westermeier. By removing the trade duties, the EC has today lifted the single biggest barrier to solar growth in Europe.