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ENTSO-E publishes Summer Outlook 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

ENTSO-E’s Summer Outlook 2018 suggests that hydro reservoirs need to be monitored in the Alpine region

In its recently published Summer Outlook 2018, ENTSO-E expects Europe’s generation and consumption to be balanced even under severe conditions. In addition to available generation, ENTSO-E’s Summer Outlook points out the role of interconnections and considers demand-response in ensuring Europe’s security of supply.

According to ENTSO-E, there is no expected risk for Europe’s security of supply, even under severe conditions. “Estimated availability of generation, market-based demand-side response (DSR) and interconnections should be sufficient to ensure access to electricity throughout Europe. There might be some generation curtailment needed in Ireland and in some bidding zones in the southern part of Italy in case of variable generation excess and low demand”.

However, ENTSO-E cautions that the situation of hydro reservoirs will require attention throughout the summer. According to the Summer Outlook, the level of hydro reservoirs in the Alpine region is “equal or close to the lowest historical values, while in France hydro reservoirs reached its lowest value ever recorded in April 2018”.

In case of a heat wave, and if precipitations remain very limited in the coming months, the situation will need monitoring with a special focus on Austria and Switzerland where hydro generation represents more than half of the generation capacity.