S.2.2. The Internal Energy Market

D.2.2. The Internal Energy Market

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ENTSO-E publishes Winter Outlook 2018-2019

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Outlook suggests that threats to security of supply will not change and electricity supply in areas including Belgium, France, Northern–Italy, Central–Northern Italy and Slovenia will require close monitoring.

ENTSO-E published its “Winter Outlook 2017-2018”, which finds that European electricity supply for the upcoming months is secure under normal conditions. In case of a cold spell, however, the situation will need monitoring across areas including Belgium, France, Northern–Italy, Central–Northern Italy and Slovenia, especially during the months of January and February where there could be power outages in case of low wind and solar output.

The refurbishment of nuclear generation units in Belgium, which has been on-going since September 2018, as well as the response from the Belgian authorities have been considered. The European Electricity Coordination Group, which gathers the EC, EU Member States, regulators and technical experts, in cooperation with Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) has reinforced information sharing and monitoring measures to deal with any potential difficulties.

The Outlook confirms that the water levels in European hydro reservoirs are healthy, and that any disruption to gas supply routes during a cold spell would not endanger electricity supply. It further shows that there is less conventional generation capacity available compared to last winter, which was offset by a corresponding growth in installed RES generation capacity.

The Outlook also contains a review of electricity provision during summer 2018, which shows that higher average temperatures, especially in Northern and Eastern Europe, led to some local electricity supply disruptions in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Greece.