S.6.1. Horizon 2020

D.6.1. Horizon 2020

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INEA selects candidates for second stage of two Horizon 2020 energy calls

Monday, April 30, 2018

The total available budget for the calls is €57,5 million

INEA received 159 project proposals under two Horizon 2020 competitive low-carbon calls for funding, focusing on: (i) RES integrated in buildings; and (ii) improving RES technologies. The total available budget for the two calls is €57,5 million.

INEA has now invited 47 applicants to submit full project proposals in the second and final selection stage. The deadline for submission of the full proposals is 23 August 2018. According to estimates, up to twelve projects, six for each call, may be awarded funding. The final decision should be announced by 23 January 2019.