S.3.1. The Energy Infrastructure Regulation

D.3.1. The Energy Infrastructure Regulation

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Public consultation on necessity of PCI candidate projects

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The EC has launched a public consultation on the PCI candidate list, which runs until 13 March 2015. Project promoters had until 5 December 2014 to submit energy infrastructure projects for inclusion into the PCI candidate projects list. The public consultation focuses on the necessity of these projects from “an EU energy policy perspective”, and hence seeks comments from stakeholders as to whether the candidate projects are in line with the EU objectives of security of supply, market integration, competition and sustainability. The stakeholders’ views will be taken into account by the Regional Groups, which will have to evaluate and rank the projects in preparation of the adoption of the regional PCI lists in the summer of 2015. A final Union-wide PCI list should be adopted by November 2015.