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TenneT launches smart solution to reduce congestion in electricity grid

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

TenneT claims its platform offers large and small market players an easy way to generate revenues with their available flexibility and to contribute to solving grid congestion. The initiative serves as an example of how other European TSOs may approach redefining the role of DSOs in grid management in the coming years.

Dutch TSO TenneT announced the launch of a new platform (GOPACS), which will help mitigate capacity shortages in the electricity grid. GOPACS is the result of active collaboration between TenneT and Dutch DSOs, Stedin, Liander, Enexis Groep and Westland Infra.

GOPACS collaborates with the intraday market platform, ETPA, a TenneT subsidiary. When grid congestion arises, requests for bids are sent to market participants. GOPACS allows market participants with a connection in an area of the grid experiencing congestion to place buy orders, equating to a reduction in electricity production or an increase in consumption. A reduction in electricity production in the congestion area is combined with an opposite order from a market party outside that area, ensuring that the grid is balanced in close to real-time. The grid operators will pay the price difference between the two orders.

TenneT is currently holding talks with other market platforms to allow GOPACS to expand. DSOs Enduris, Coteq and Rendo are investigating potential pathways to participate If successful, the platform model could serve as an example for other system operators throughout Europe.