Executive Business Development

Our executive business development practice consists in the following types of services:

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Strategic advice: The firm assists the client in defining its strategic approach for the considered energy markets. After examining with the client its specific needs and analyzing the potential issues the client and/or its product(s) or services could be faced with in the relevant markets, the firm helps the client fine tune its high level strategy in regards either to the specific markets being contemplated and/or the concerned product(s) or services. In doing so, BEA integrates its policy monitoring knowledge and contacts so as to align the client’s strategy with applicable policy requirements. For executive decisions to be efficient, they must be informed decisions. That is why BEA offers weekly or monthly strategic exchanges at executive level, which are followed-up each trimester and adjusted as appropriate;

 12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Identification of new business opportunities: The firm helps clients identify new strategic business opportunities relating to the energy industry. Once identified, the firm assists clients in pursuing those opportunities and support them through the steps of the implementation process. BEA also provides the client with critical advice for fostering future partnerships and enhancing its contacts with international, European and national authorities, private companies and other potential business partners;

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA M&A, partnering and/or joint venturing: BEA’s unique expertise allows the firm to identify targets and/or partners on behalf of the client and to assist the client and its team in the negotiation, preparation and finalization of complex agreements, including within the framework of potential acquisitions;

12_03_05_ BEA 3 boules_BEAlogos_00BEA Market identification: BEA’s geographically diversified network of experts allows the firm to enlarge its own network through the expert members’ own local well-developed networks and expertise. This enables BEA to identify the best opportunities and market potential for the client’s product(s) and/or services in key markets.