S.2. Internal Energy Market


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ENTSO-E publishes its Mid-term Adequacy Forecast

Thursday, November 21, 2019

ENTSO-E’s Mid-term Adequacy Forecast (MAF) 2019 results show low risk to the adequacy of the pan-European power system for the time horizons of 2021 and 2025. The MAF looks at interdependencies between supply, demand, storage, climate conditions and interconnection capacities. It underlines the importance of cross-border cooperation in fostering adequacy throughout the interconnected pan-European power system.

Similar to the previous edition, MAF 2019 includes a ‘low-carbon’ scenario considering the impact by 2025 of shutting down coal generation units. Results for the low-carbon sensitivity show increased risks in some market zones, directly or indirectly affected by the decommissioning. According to ENTSO-E, this highlights the need for, among others, the development of flexibility sources, such as demand side response, storage, interconnections as well as increased and smarter integration of renewable and distributed energy sources.

Furthermore, ENTSO-E states that European resource adequacy assessments are required to consider, the economic viability of generation assets, capacity mechanisms, increased temporal granularity and sensitivities. This will see future pan-European and regional adequacy assessments evolve and gradually in the next years lead to the replacement of the MAF by the European Resource Adequacy Assessment (ERAA).