S.2.9. Projects of Common Interest

D.2.9. Projects of Common Interest

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European Commission adopts 4th list of Projects of Common Interest

Thursday, October 31, 2019

The three key objectives of Projects of common Interest (PCI) are sustainability, affordability and security of supply in the energy sector.

The projects that make up the 4th PCI list were assessed and selected under the TEN-E Regulation and consist in critical projects spanning electricity, smart grids, gas, oil and CO2 networks across the EU. Selected projects enjoy certain benefits such as accelerated permitting and become eligible to apply for EU funding under the Connecting Europe Facility.

Approximately 70% of all selected projects concern electricity and smart grids, while the number of gas projects has declined and represents only approximately 21% of all PCIs. This trend is in line with the EU’s decarbonization goals and the corresponding increasing role of renewable electricity in the energy system.

The European Commission’s Delegated Act adopting the fourth EU-wide PCI list will next be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council for a two-month non-objection period, extendable once.