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South-East Europe TSOs sign MoU for Regional Coordination Centre

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bulgaria, Greece and Romania to establish a Regional Coordination Centre (RCC).

Following the entry into force of the last portions of the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” Package, namely the new Electricity Regulation and Directive, some of the European TSOs are already starting to comply with the legal provisions set forth by the legislation.

On 12 July, the electricity TSOs of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, Electroenergien Sistemen Operator EAD (ESO), Independent Power Transmission Operator SA (IPTO) and Transelectrica SA respectively, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the important steps to establish a Regional Coordination Center (RCC).

According to ENTSO-E’s announcement, the MoU on establishing a South-East European (SEE) RCC “provides a framework for cooperation among the three Parties with a common goal to find a mutually acceptable solution for establishing a RCC based on the principle of most efficient, effective and timely fulfilment of the obligations set forth under the legal framework of the Third European Energy Package and the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package”.

Additionally, the MoU sets the following milestones to be completed by the end of the year: (i) assignment of the SEE capacity calculator by 04 August; (ii) signing of the contractual arrangement for the SEE capacity calculator by 15 September; (iii) decision on location of the RCC by 01 November; and (iv) signing of the required documents for RCC incorporation by 15 December.

Furthermore, the three Parties agreed that ESO “will provide capacity calculation services and will be temporarily nominated as Capacity Calculator for SEE Capacity Calculation Region (CCR)”, while IPTO “will provide the service of Coordinated Security Analysis for the SEE CCR temporarily, until the RCC incorporation as a separate company”.

The next steps include deciding on the legal entity, the liability and the location of the RCC.